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love two people

Le Love Blog Johnny Depp Quote If You Love Two People At The Same Time Choose The Second Because If You Really Loved The First One, You Wouldn't Have Fallen For The Second photo Le-Love-Blog-Johnny-Depp-Quote-If-You-Love-Two-People-At-The-Same-Time-Choose-The-Second_zps22676ef2.png
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“If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.” -- Johnny Depp


I think it's possible to love more than one person at a time, so this doesn't ring true for me.

How do you guys feel about this quote?


  1. Wow, powerful statement, great share :)

  2. I think love is not a feeling. It's a verb, a commitment and a choice. Therefore I suppose you can be attracted to two people at the same time, but you choose to love someone because you are committed to them and because you think your relationship is worth it and that they are worth it. Love is about selflessness and asking what you can do for that person more than what they can do for you. Even when the fluffy feelings of attraction wane and then resurface and then fade once again, your commitment, your love for them is what makes your relationship last. Feelings are fleeting, but love as a choice is eternal.

  3. Usually the second is not worth it, because there is something "you are looking for", but is not the person you think you have fallen in love with, it is something you already have with the first person, but you just don't know how to address it. So my advice is to hold onto the first one, work your feelings, communicate, talk with him/her, rekindle your love, but please please don't make the mistake of pursuing someone just because you think "it's gonna be better", because it won't, and you will end up loosing the one who really loves you.
    -My own experience-

  4. I agree with Depp.

  5. i've always loved that quote!
    I just started a new blog and would love to see what you guys think of it!
    Please tel me what you think in the comments <3

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  8. Love that quote, but as always, love is complicated! I think when people get bored in their relationship they tend to look outside of it, rather than addressing the issues they have. But I agree that you can love more than one person at a time.

    dearest darling

  9. Powerful words coming from Jonny. In my experience, I really choose the second. It is not for the better I am looking for, but I just fell on her like forever. From that moment on, I told myself " What I am doing right now is selfishness". I have a relationship and I can not keep both of them. I am forever sorry to the first. Love truly can make you not really you from the moment you are in loved. Now I am happy with the second.
    Let us just accept the reality about love. "Love is just too complicated that even geniuses can't handle it"

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  11. Wow! Awesome quote by Johnny Derp! Keep Sharing.


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  13. I think that it's more complicated than just that. It depends on how it started and on the foundation of that second "love". It really depends on a lot of factors and it's not as simple as just choosing the second one. Just my opinion. :) - Ritter

  14. Hi!
    Ich finde deinen Blog toll! Du bist eine sehr große Inspiration für mich.
    Mein Freund und ich haben seit ein paar Tagen einen Blog gegründet, da wir deswegen noch relativ unbekannt bei sind, würden wir uns wahnsinnig freuen, wenn du einmal bei uns vorbei schauen würdest!
    Mach weiter wie du bist!

  15. I've always believed that it is indeed possible to love more than one person at a time. We, as people, are able to produce and experience an infinite amount of love. I also believe that your love for one person doesn't necessarily intersect with any other loves. My love for person A is exclusive from person B. It's also not a hierchy, not one love is necessarily better than the other. There are definitely times that the last statement doesn't hold true, and it's also a very subjective topic. Love is not an absolute.

    This blog is very interesting. I like that the posts are submitted by readers. Why the focus on love?

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  27. Love is complicated. But this statement is true. When you take someone who loves you for granted, they start drifting away from you. They turn to the person who's giving them love. But that doesn't mean that they love them. They're just looking for the thing they long for and stick to it. When they don't get it from you, they turn away from you. That's just how humans are. Love is what ALL human beings need. True love can only happen with one person at a time. And for some, only once in a lifetime. If a person falls in love with someone else, that means that they're no longer in love with you, because if they were, they wouldn't have fallen for the second person. I wrote a blog post about something similar to what i mentioned above. I'm leaving the link here just in case you might want to check it out.

  28. Nice one and true in fact! Follow your instincts and do not compare people all the time.

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  30. Oh definitely! You could be falling out of love with someone, while falling in love with someone else. Or you could always be in love with someone, even a little bit, while you love another.


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